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Tips for Passing a Hair Drug Test

The marijuana has been approved in most of the US states because of its medicinal purpose but however no employer will take you for the job if you have the strains of the substances in your body. It’s not possible to fake the results if you have been a victim of using the substance. For the drug test, you might be asked for the urine test, blood test, and the hair follicle test. With the two drug test options that is the blood and the urine test, its only possible to detect recent drug use but with the hair follicle testing its very accurate and can detect traces of marijuana consumed for even 3 months and that’s why the test is more preferred by the companies than the other two. Therefore the possibility of passing the test is very low and sometimes impossible. Read this site to the last word if you are worried about how you will manage to pass the upcoming hair drug test.

The elements that decide after for how long the drug will leave your body are important for you. Some of this factors include the level of smoking, your metabolism, and diet, fat percentage, exercise and the strength of weed taken.

Make sure that you clear your blood and hair naturally. Since the blood is what is responsible for the THC element on the hair hence you have to start by eliminating the traces in the blood by cleansing the blood. The cleansing should be done through diet and supplements. This should include taking enough water which helps the process through sweat. You can see page for more details on the hair drug test.

The other way to pass the hair drug test is by the macujo method. The method has recorded two sides which are working for some people and not working for others. You need to know that the choice of shampoo and the amount of marijuana in the blood can affect the expected results. The first thing to do in this process is to avoid stop using weed. If a must you can go on smoking once you are done with the test. Secondly you will have to wet the hair. You will need to massage your scalp with the supplements. Apply the supplements on the scalp on top of the other but in this case, the hair is included. The other step requires you leave the hair for some time and finally wash it with Nexus Aloe Rid shampoo followed by tide liquid laundry detergent until you are sure the hair is clean.

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